Dear Potential Camper Leaders and Parents,


Thanks for your interest in the Camper Leadership Programs at Cactus Day Camp. I have worked with many young leaders throughout my years in camping and have seen amazing outcomes from such programs, which is why I am offering these opportunities.


Camper Leaders are legally considered campers and not staff members. They are never left alone with most campers. Therefore, each applicant must fill out a camper enrollment form attached to this document in addition to the Camper Leader application. There is a substantial discounted tuition for these programs.


The Camper Leadership programs are intended to be small in participants. Large numbers of young leaders tend to cause distraction to the camp program and the goals of the Camper Leadership programs. With that in mind, I am committed to keeping the program small. I will also take into consideration the number of campers enrolled and the number of camp groups we have each session. Having a younger sibling enrolled in Cactus Day Camp does not guarantee a camper leadership position.


Each applicant will need to fill out an application and a camper leadership enrollment form as well as submit two written references (forms attached to the end of the application). Return camper leaders do not need to submit new reference forms. After reviewing applications received by April 1st, applicants will be contacted and informed of their status by April 15th. Additional Camper Leaders will be selected on an on-going as needed basis. The number of positions available may change due to enrollment numbers. This selection process is taken very seriously and only those qualified will be selected. Parents of enrolled children in our camp program are entrusting us to have the best role models interacting and socializing with their children.


If selected, we will do our best to place you per your preference. However, this is not guaranteed and the placement will be subject to your skills, previous experience and availability.


I look forward to receiving your application. Call if you have questions 480-836-CAMP (2267).



Karyn Miller













Camper Leadership programs

1st Year Counselors-In-Training (CIT)

Entering 9th grade and at least 13 years old by camp session.

Required to be available for one 2week session to be considered for the program.

Required to arrive by 8:45am and depart at 3:30pm unless taking Cactus Day Camp transportation.

Counselor-In-Training (CIT):

Entering sophomore and junior year in high school and must be at least 15 years old by camp session.

Required to be available for two 2week sessions to be considered for the program.

Required to arrive at 8:00am and depart at 4pm unless taking Cactus Day Camp transportation.


Position Responsibilities:

CITs are paired with counselors and junior counselors and are responsible for the care of individuals and the planning and delivery of all programs for campers aged 3-13. CITs are responsible for helping with daily programming, camper care, and for coordinating special events and large group activities. They will gain training and first hand experiences that will help them become future leaders. CITs have specific arrival and departure times as they are also responsible to help with the arrival and departure of campers each day.


What do we look for in our Camper Leaders?

A Serious Work Ethic - An unwavering commitment to providing the best summer possible for Cactus Day Camp Campers.

Teamwork - Socially able to work with and support others, while accepting on-going feedback and evaluation from supervisors.

Intelligence - Able to problem solve and make sound decisions.

Strong Personal Characteristics - Sensitivity, compassion and maturity towards children and adults.

Adaptability - The ability to think quickly on your feet and improvise.

Positive Disposition - An optimistic, upbeat outlook with lots of energy, enthusiasm and spunk!

Desire The desire to be involved in the Cactus Day Camp program and wanting to make a difference in the lives of children.

What will YOU get out the Cactus Day Camp Experience?

Leadership Experience Strengthen your communication and social skills while being supervised and coached by the camp director and camp staff.

Friendships - Lifelong friendships are made each summer at camp.

Experience Experience working with young children and assisting activities.

A Challenging and Rewarding Summer You'll Never Forget - People's lives change from their camp experiences. Experience what it feels like to make a difference in the lives of children.


Camper Leadership Training

A mandatory training will take place for all Counselors-In-Training on May 20th, 2017 from 10 am to 3 pm. Return CITs may be excused at noon and are welcome to stay for the entire training.


Attendance Policy

Attendance is extremely important as you are an essential part of a team. If you are not present at camp, our team is incomplete. With that said, continued absences will be cause for dismissal from the program. No refunds will be given.




Please be sure to complete each of the Forms below


(To be filled out by potential CIT)



(To be filled out by potential CIT PARENT)



(Two different references required, Return CITs can skip this step)