Dear Applicant,


Thanks for your interest in a summer position at Cactus Day Camp.   This will be the hardest job you will ever love!  At Cactus Day Camp, you will work hard for long hours. The more you put into it the more you will get out. You will be challenged and expected to take safe risks and push yourself to do and be your best.  The outcome; one of the greatest experiences of your life!


The following information is provided to you as an overview of our staffing policies, required paperwork and procedures.  If you have any questions, please call 480-836-CAMP (2267).


All applicants are required to fill out and submit a staff application.  You will receive a response within 10 days of submitting your application.  Potential staff will be interviewed in person, when possible.  Skype and FaceTime interviews can also be arranged for those applicants away at school.  Interviews are conducted by appointment daily and weekends.


As part of the interview process, Cactus Day Camp will conduct criminal background checks as allowable by law and will conduct a check of the National Sex Offender Public Website.  All applicants will receive a written response informing them of a hiring decision within two weeks of an interview (if we have references).


****All contact relative to a position on our staff should be made directly by the applicant (no parents, friends, etc.) ****


No position is official until your contract is signed by both you and the director.  A contract is only valid upon completion of the staff training that takes place May 30th though June 3rd.


We expect to have many applicants for the 2017 season and far more than the number of positions available.  We strive to be as selective as possible as our program is only as good as the staff we hire no matter how great the facilities and activities.  We are looking for people who are energetic, enthusiastic, mature, creative, flexible, hardworking and willing to act like a big kid in front of their peers.  Most importantly, we are looking for applicants who will put the campers’ needs before their own. 


Please be sure to review our website and view our promotional video to learn more about the program.


I look forward to receiving your application.  Call if you have questions 480-836-CAMP (2267).




Karyn Miller







Job Descriptions

Group Counselor:

(must be at least 18 with a year of college)
Responsible for the daily care of 8 – 13 campers between the ages of 3 and 12 (campers will be grouped by grade level).  Facilitate the daily schedule and participate in activities with campers.  You will be assisted by one or more of the following: Tween Assistant, Counselor-In-Training or Junior Counselor.  See website for Counselor-In-Training descriptions.

Activity Leader:

(can be Junior Counselor or Counselor age position)
Responsible to instruct activities to different groups throughout the day.  Create lesson plans and modify them to address different camper ages and abilities.  Work with and get to know lots of different kids.  On Fridays, work with the Program Director to organize and implement the special event for the day.

Junior Counselor (JC):

(must be at least 17 by June 1st and entering junior year in high school)
Assist Group Counselors and Activity Leaders with their daily duties.

Swim Instructor/Lifeguard:

(must be at least 18 by June 1st)

Lifeguards are responsible for overall safety in the pool, preventing accidents and injuries, and treating injuries with first-aid. Strong swimming skills required for lifeguards/swim instructors.


Staff Responsibilities:

¥ Safety First! Implement and maintain the campers policies/rules to ensure the safety of the campers.

¥ Develop a working knowledge of assigned campers including allergies or physical limitations.

¥ Supervise all aspects of the campersÕ day including arrival, meal times, group activities, and departure.

¥ Oversee a group of campers and attend to their needs and with the help of the camp director resolve problems.

¥ Work closely with Counselors to organize campers in each session and ensure participation by all.

¥ Actively participate as a role model in all group activities including swimming, arts & crafts, sports, dance, drama, music, etc.

¥ Maintain positive, appropriate and safe relationships with campers. Be respectful of camp management, parents, and other Cactus Day Camp employees.

¥ Be on time, be committed, be involved, and display a positive attitude every day.

¥ Assist in preparation and closing of program each day, as assigned by Camp Director.  This involves cleaning and moving program equipment and cleaning facilities.

¥ Attend and contribute to staff meetings and required trainings.

¥ Supervise and lead assigned program areas and activities as designated by the Camp Director.


.What do we look for in our Summer Staff?

A Serious Work Ethic - An unwavering commitment to providing the best summer possible for Cactus Day Camp Campers.

Teamwork - Socially able to work with and support others, while accepting on-going feedback and evaluation from supervisors.

Intelligence - Able to problem solve and make sound decisions.

Empathy - Sensitivity, compassion and understanding with children

Adaptability - The ability to think quickly on your feet and improvise.

Positive Disposition - An optimistic, upbeat outlook with lots of energy and spunk!

Experience with young people - Preferred, but not required.

What will YOU get out the Cactus Day Camp Experience?

Leadership Training - This is the real deal!  Getting a group of children to listen to you, respect you, trust you and believe in you requires skills that we will give you and coach you along the way.  For those of you with teaching experience, you will use your skills in an environment where the campers are enthusiastic about being with you

Friendships - And not just with the campers...  Lifelong friendships are made each summer with counselors working alongside each other.

Youth Development Experience - If you ever thought about being a teacher or child-care professional, you'll find out if you have the patience, personality and skills for it.

A Challenging and Rewarding Summer You'll Never Forget - People's lives change from their camp experience and you'll be part of the wonderful experience of making a positive impact on the lives of young people.  There's a reason that people come back to camp summer after summer, and it's not for the money.


Staff Training

Mandatory paid staff training will take place Tuesday, May 30th through Saturday, June 3rd, 2017.  Training hours are from 8am through 4pm each day.  On Saturday, May 30th there will be an Open House for campers to see the campus and meet the staff. 


Attendance Policy

Attendance is a very important part of the job as you are an essential part of a team.  If you are not present at camp, our team is incomplete.  With that said, 100% attendance is encouraged and if obtained, you will receive a bonus for your dedication and commitment.



This will definitely not be the highest paying job you will ever have.  If money determines what your job will be this summer, this is probably not it, unfortunately. A counselor position is an exempt salaried position and is paid out every two weeks except the first pay check.  The first pay check will be for three weeks; one week of staff training and the first two weeks of camp.


*   First year Counselors and Activity Leaders usually start at $2,300 for the summer plus an additional $200 for 100% attendance.  Additional salary will be determined based on experience, education and certifications.


*   Junior Counselors usually start at $1,400 for the summer plus an additional $200 for 100% attendance.  Additional salary will be determined based on experience, education and certifications.


*   Lifeguard/Swim Instructors salaries are based on experience and certifications.  Part-time positions may be available.



Added Benefits

In addition to a paid salary you will also receive:

  • Daily snacks, lunch on Fridays and two staff shirts
  • A consistent schedule; Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm
  • Nights and Weekends off
  • A paid day off on July 3rd
  • Additional pay for optional overnights and/or extended day after camp programs
  • Possible staff Incentive bonuses
  • Community Service hours, if needed
  • University Credit if available through your university program
  • Gifts from Campers (not guaranteed)
  • Babysitting job contacts (not guaranteed)
  • Excellent references and reference letters


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